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Importance of Sex in Life And How Sexual Diseases Affects Sexual Life Negatively

by Gavin Stratton (2020-03-30)

Sex is a feeling it happened when two people come close and intimacy cross in their relationship and sex is really important in life because it increases love between two people and people do sex not because they love each other but also it is need of human body which required at a time. In today's time, sex has no bound for that it can only happen with the opposite gender but it can happen with your loved one whether they belong to the same gender. A person cannot fully control his body, the mind plays a very important role in it and if human body required sex then a person does masturbation or sex to satisfy body need and then feel pleasure from it.

Importance of sex and masturbation in Life:

When a person does sex or masturbation it not just give pleasure feeling but it also has many health benefits when penis and vaginal intercourse (PVI) it gives much to the human body and reduces many health issues. a couple is more happy and healthy when they do sex 2 or 3 times in a week and make a couple of time for such intimacy moments.

Mental Stress

Physical fitness

Emotional Stability

Sexual activity is good for health but sometimes people or society won't understand 바카라사이트 and that increase much physical and mental stress in life and people attempt many wrong activities for satisfying body need. If our society understands the actual need for sex in our life or for the human body then we can know how people are more happy and healthy.

Sex benefits for human health

Doctors consider sex as a light exercise for the human body because it burns many calories and it is really good for the human heart, that's why doctors said it is cardiovascular exercise. American Sexual Health Association report said those people who involve in sexual activity like does sex, watching porn are more healthy and happy as compare to the other who won't involve in such activities.

These are the health benefits include sex:

Reduce heart disease

Lowering blood pressure

Burn calories

Increase heart health

Happy Mood
Sexual diseases affect sexual life negatively

Sexual disease is also normal disease but people take these diseases as very serious and feel shy to consult with sexologist doctor in Bhubaneswar and they do not understand that it may cause many health issues even it destroys sexual life.

These types of common sexual disease affect sex life:

Loss of Libido

Pre-mature Ejaculations or Libido

Low sperm count (Oligospermia)/Liquidity of Semen


Erectile dysfunction /Impotence

Auto Ejaculation

Nocturnal Emission (Night Fall)



Infection on penis (Syphilis, gonorrhea, etc)

Leucoderma (White Patches)

Joint Pain

Loss of Sexual Desire

Infertility in Men (Oligospermia & Azoospermia)

Premature Ejaculation


Male-female both can suffer from these diseases and it really affects sexual life negatively because a sick person cannot be happy as compare healthy person and because of these disease couple not agree for doing sexual activities and they try to deny and ignore their partner and this really affects the sexual life negatively.

Every Human disease can be cured by a doctor and allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic treatments used by doctors to cure disease for better sexual life ayurvedic sexologist in bhubaneswar give best ayurvedic treatment for all sex diseases.