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A Handbook on Some Basic Building Products in The Modern Day

by Margareta Mcclendon (2020-03-29)

Whether you're building, remodelling your home or purchasing a house for the first time, it pays to know about the different types of construction products as these are the things that will actually help your home to stand the test of time. The construction industry is blooming every new day so as there has been a sea of changes about how building products have been long back. With more style and technology used in architecture, building materials manufacturers are also inventing state-of-art products to meet the needs in the modern day.

There is a wide variety of building products in the UK. If you are you looking for more on prefab materials look at our website. However, they are mainly classified into two groups- synthetic and natural products. Stone, straw, twigs, rocks, sand, clay, etc are natural products while the other man-made materials used for construction purposes like plastics metals and more fall under the synthetic products category. The use of these products is typically divided into specific speciality trades, such as plumbing, flooring, roofing and insulation work. As a homeowner, you must have a basic but clear idea about different products that will help you to curate your dream home. Let's have a look at some of the most commonly used building products.


Cement is one of the most common construction materials that is used as a binder. There are two different types of cement- hydraulic and non-hydraulic cement. Hydraulic cement has an adhesive property and also sets with water faster in comparison to non-hydraulic cement.


Rock has been meticulously used in construction since time immemorial. From Egyptian pyramids to historic monuments, rock has been used as a primary raw material to creative classic structures. It is robust and durable in nature and is still used in different countries when it comes to constructing different homes and buildings. Its cooling effect makes it an ideal material for countries that have a hot temperature.


Another popular building product that is specially used for constructing commercial and agricultural buildings is metal. Metal is one of the finest building materials that provide ease in this industry.


Wood is one of the base materials in the UK. It really adds to the aesthetic appeal of the property and keeps the interior warm in winters and cool during summer season.


The discussion of building products can never be complete without mentioning bricks as one of the primary raw materials. Bricks have many features that make it an ideal material for construction. For example, brick contains cavities which make it light and also helps in fast drying.

Plastic and Rubber:

Plastic is also a common building product and is a widely used product known for its versatile features. It is used in pipelines and other home applications. Rubber is also used as a flooring material especially in commercial spaces.

Adhesives and Sealants:

Last but not least, sealants and adhesives are an integral part of any building construction. These products are used in different tasks like flooring, insulation, wall covering, roofing, concrete tile and the list is unending. Sealants play a vital role in creating a home design. It prevents air penetration and moisture. Silicone sealants are immensely preferred these days. They offer colour stability and is a great one when it comes to resisting extreme temperature. Silicone adhesives and sealants are widely used for many construction projects.

Building Products in Modern Industry

Building products in this modern era is a huge industry and are extensively rising all over the globe. In recent times steps are taken to maximise the use of sustainable building products for environmental concerns. But at the same time, it is true that dependency on synthetic products is relatively more. However, the manufacturers of the building products are innovating new ways to make the least use of highly toxic materials and increase the use of materials that are less harmful to the ecology.

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