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Vintage Thermometers: Buy Antique Advertising Thermometers

by Isabella Titsworth (2020-03-29)

id="mod_30034238">Old Antique Vintage Advertising Thermometers
Vintage Advertising Thermometers like Coca-Cola, O'Keefe's Ale, Nu Grape Soda, Nesbitt's soda, Mason's Root Beer, 7-Up Soda, Big Giant Soda, and L&M Cigarettes are very popular with antique collectors. Outdoor advertising thermometers were used in the old days to gain brand recognition by many gas and oil companies and soda companies. Some of the most popular antique soda advertising thermometers are the large advertising Coca-Cola thermometers. Antique collectible gas and oil thermometers that have recently fetched the highest prices on eBay include 1940s Pepsi Girl Advertising Thermometer that sold for $1324 and a 1930s Moxie Soda Tin Thermometer that sold for $728. While some people only collect the most rare antique thermometers, others collect every variety of old tin thermometers, which can be bought on eBay for around $10. Some collectors prefer to only buy the pam style or round thermometers, while yet others amass a collection of large 36" thermometer advertising signs. Regardless of the reasons behind collecting only certain types of these vintage pieces, antique collectors buy and sell thermometers every day.

It's funny how times changes. We no longer see this type of advertising in abundance anymore. Now a days, there is so much advertising done through the TV and the internet, that company's simply don't make items like this any more. And that's why they are so collectible. There are many company's who have gone out of business and don't exist anymore, so you can't find anything else on the market from them. Today, people who buy outdoor thermometers are more likely to buy something with a pretty design, rather than hang a sign with a company's name on it. Unless, of course, you are a collector.

How Much is My Vintage Thermometer Worth? To estimate the value of your antique thermometer, try to find the selling price of a similar item in the same condition as yours.

Sale Prices of Vintage Antique Thermometers recently SOLD on eBay:

Original Vintage Red Crown Gasoline Porcelain Sign Thermometer- Rare and Great - Sold for $2622

1932 Tin Pepsi Cola Bottle Thermometer Sign W/ Straw, First Issue Januaray/1-1932 Earliest Pepsi Thermometer - Sold for $1875

1940s PEPSI GIRL THERMOMETER - Sold for $1474



Motorola Radio for Car and Home Ad Thermometer Sign - Sold for $819

Huge Vintage Porcelain Mail Pouch Tobacco Thermometer Sign 6' Tall - Sold for $743.44

NOS Tin Coke Coca-Cola Soda Thermometer Sign In Bottle - Sold for $711.98

1920s Pegtop cigars advertising thermometer 4 foot 2 inches tall - Sold for $700

1950s Hill Bros Coffee Advertising Thermometer Sign - Sold for $670

Vintage NOS c 1943 "Orange Crush" Masonite Thermometer, New Old Stock Crisp Flawless Colors - Sold for $665.55

Original Planters Peanut PAM Style Thermometer MINT Condition - Sold for $600

HUGE Vintage Hires Root Beer Thermometer Antique Sign - Sold for $549.95

1950s Sun-Drop Gold-En Cola Thermometer - Near Mint - Sold for $538.67


Old Thermometers for Sale
Please answer one question - What type of antique thermometers do you collect?
What type of antique thermometers do you collect?

Gas and Oil Thermometers

Soda Advertising Thermometers

All types of tin thermometers

All types of pam thermometers

ANY antique thermometer
See results Vintage Coca Cola Thermometers
1948 Coca Cola Pam Thermometer sold for $1,110 - Vintage Coca Cola Thermometer
Coca Cola Pam Thermometer This 1948 Coca Cola Pam Thermometer sold on eBay for $1,110. It was in excellent condition.

Soda Advertising Thermometers
Orange Crush Thermometers - Vintage Orange Crush Thermometers
Vintage Orange Crush Thermometers Orange Crush Thermometers are popular among vintage advertising thermometer collectors. This 12" soda advertising thermometer sold on eBay for $300.

Vintage Hires Root Beer Advertising Thermometers - Hires Root Beer Thermometers
Hires Root Beer Thermometer Pam Thermometers
Vintage Porcelain Thermometers
Gas and Oil Advertising Thermometers
Trico Wiper Blades Thermometer SOLD for $360.99 - Trico Wiper Blades Thermometers
Trico Wiper Blades Thermometer AC Spark Plugs Advertising Thermometer SOLD for $515.50 - AC Spark Plugs Thermometer
AC Spark Plugs Thermometer

This rare 1963 AC Spark Plugs Advertising Themometer sold on eBay for $515.50.

Vintage Atlas Thermometers
Atlas Thermometer Atlas Thermometers For Sale
Vintage Atlas Thermometers
Here's some current ebay listings for Atlas Thermometers for sale.

Recent Sale Prices of Atlas Thermometers:

Working Atlas Perma-Guard Anti-Freeze Thermometer Sign - Value Sold for $155

Vintage Atlas Perma-Guard Anti-Freeze Tin Thermometer - Value Worth - Sold for $107.50

Vintage Atlas Wiper Blades Advertising Thermometer Sign - Value Worth - Sold for $59.99

Vintage Atlas Perma-Guard Anti-Freeze Thermometer Sign - Value Worth - Sold for $49.99

In this photographic print sold by, an antique Atlas outdoor thermometer is on the front of this log cabin.

Log Cabin with Thermometer, Homer, Alaska, USA

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Antique Thermometer on The History Channel: Pawn Stars - Season 2, Episode 20
Spooning Paul RevereAn vintage antique thermometer is brought into the pawn shop during this History Channel episode of Pawn Stars (season 2, episode 20). You can instantly download this episode and watch on your computer from Amazon Instant Videos.

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Coca Cola sign and thermometer registering 100 degrees during Columbus circle heat wave in NY.

Vintage Thermometer Values
Vintage Thermometers can be quite valuable. But of course, condition is everything. Here are some recent sale prices of vintage thermometers that SOLD on eBay.

Antique Vintage Metal Advertising Sign Thermometer - Nesbitts Orange Soda - SOLD for $305.00
Rare Porcelain Coca Cola Palm Push Vintage Sign Thanks Call Again For Coca Cola - SOLD for $359.00
VERY NICE 1915 Vintage NATURE'S REMEDY Old Drug Store Porcelain Thermometer Sign - SOLD for $230.27

Vintage Ford Sales Service Car Tractor? 12" Metal Thermometer Gas & Oil Sign - SOLD for $278.65
Vintage Kist Beverages "Did you get Kist Today" Soda 16" Thermometer Sign - SOLD for $200
Vintage Original Large SQUIRT SODA Thermometer Advertising Metal Sign NEAR MINT - SOLD for $342.77

Vintage Sea and Ski Suntan Lotion Advertising Thermometer - SOLD for $230.49

Vintage Thermometer Dr Pepper Soda Original! - SOLD for $349.99

Vintage Ex-lax thermometer the chocolate laxitive millions prefer - SOLD for $299

Large Vintage 1970s Polaris Snowmobiles 18" Metal Thermometer Gas & Oil Sign - SOLD for $214.27

Vintage c.1960 Orange Crush Soda Pop Bottle Cap 16" Metal Thermometer Sign~Nice - SOLD for $204.52
Very Nice Vintage Hires Root Beer Thermometer - SOLD for $239.49

NICE 1950s Vintage FRAM OIL FILTERS Old Gas Station 39 inch Tin Thermometer Sign - SOLD for $200.49


Advertising Thermometers - Advertising Thermometers Price Guide
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2 months ago

looking for value of snowgoose flour thermometer value


5 years ago

I'd love to get an Orange Crush one for my garage!


7 years ago

there are several Mail Pouch thermometers on eBay advertized as "vintage" but are new in box. Are they repros?


7 years ago

As an antique dealer and former Coke collector, we have sold and collected these great old thermometers for years.


7 years ago

Hi, I have a "Dr. Barkers Horse Liniment" Thermometer with light surface rust and slightly faded but in good condition. Thermometer works great. I was just wondering what year this may have been made (or displayed) and it's possible value. I can send pictures. Thanks Tim


7 years ago

These are great reasons to keep an eye open at local estate sales. Great lens.


7 years ago

Some of these can bring some big bucks. You definitely have to keep your eyes open at yard sales, flea markets and auctions. You never know what you will find.


7 years ago

I love the porcelain ones.