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Top 5 Floor Materials For a Luxury Residential Apartment

by Mellissa Boling (2020-03-28)

Style is an ever-changing idea. It is not a statement; the design trend keeps on evolving constantly. The functional aspect of the floor design considers materials like marble, quartz, granite or porcelain as the reigning supreme of the construction field. A luxury residential building can be brightened up with 5 following designs that can add value to any construction design.

Refined Granite Tops

Granite is a material that lasts long, fairly long. In comparison to other materials granite's longevity is remarkable. This feature makes it perfect for bathroom and kitchen areas. Moreover, granite has a distinctive look that can be imprinted naturally on each slab you use. When you use granite countertops on a surface, the area gives out an escalated lavish vibe. Even granite colors are elegant. Think about using creams, grays and browns or mix them together into a uniquely warm colour- these colors will be able to easily blend in with wood cabinets or steel appliances turning the overall appearance of the house into a smart one.

Lavish Brazilian Granite

The feel of super luxury that you come across in some buildings like THE 42, can be brought in only with natural stone decorating the outdoor areas. The natural stones can sustain many winters, synthetic materials cannot. So, if you are approaching a gorgeous and complex outdoor design, you can use natural stones. Brazilian granite can be a great choice in this case. The color of the Brazil granite combines gray, white and gold. Since these granites can sustain even severe cold, it is wise to use this material for outdoor purpose.

Elegant Marble Bedroom

Have you see the lavish master bedrooms in the cozy, luxury hotels and thought that you want to go to sleep in a room like this for the rest of your life? Well, you can do that in your apartment design by shunning rugs and hardwoods and introducing marbles instead. The refined aura of marble slabs help the ambience of the room to play with light and colour. The surface of a marble floor reflects metal objects, furniture and the wall decors and enhances the light and colour dynamics within the room.

Sturdy Porcelain Tiles

Everyone will agree with the fact that maintaining a carpet, or a lamination or even hardwood on the floor is quite a daunting task. The cleaning up takes forever in case of carpet or a rug. Laminations tend to wear off easily while hardwoods are easily destroyed in case there is a pest infestation. So, if you are looking for a wam but sturdy floor, porcelain tiles should be the ultimate choice for such preferences. The porcelain, though has a high-end appearance that intimidate people at the first glance, can be maintained very easily. The slightly grained beige shade of the porcelain brings an edgy look to the floor. Porcelain also lasts fairly long.

Neutral Colors of Quartz

If you are confused about the colour schemes for your home, you should definitely stick with neutral shades. Neutral shades always attract people. Quartz are the best materials for maintaining neutral shades and it does not also require very high level of maintenance. The middle tone of quartz with the interesting markings on its texture can make any design appear bright.

Be it a modern luxury residential apartment or an old one, these design ideas will definitely resonate with people. All that you have to decide is what budget you are looking at and accordingly, use any of these materials to have a marvelous looking apartment.

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