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Top 6 Reasons of Dating a Cougar

by Jamika Stolp (2020-03-24)

Cougar is a kind of sexy mature women (the most famous is Demi Moore). Older women can take good care of themselves and movies ( like dating younger men. Some cougars may exist in your neighborhood; let's check these six good reasons for dating a cougar.

Reason #1: Her experience

Will anyone not like being together with an experienced woman who is experienced not only in the bedroom but also in general life? The cougars know almost every method to please men, and they are not afraid to use their talents. But they are sharp and wise in common life, they can teach you a lot of things. The older women have a lot of topics in the life and travel, so you won't feel bored. They are great listeners; also they will give you useful advices like your mother does.

Reason #2: Her own payment

The cougar has long enough time to accumulate wealth, that's why she doesn't mind paying for herself even for you. Most of the cougars are quite generous in date, they won't eat hamburgers or live cycling hotel with you, and they will be with you in the five-star restaurants or stay at the best hotels to enjoy dating with you. Be careful not to let the cougars think you are using them, otherwise you will see her fierce PAWS ripping you to pieces.

Reason #3: The lady can cook!

If you keep yourself living alone at a long time, you may be tired of takeaway. Cougars are usually like staying in their own kitchen and cooking. They are ready to impress you with her cooking talent, so set a seat and a table for her.

Reason #4: She knows what she wants

How many times have you had to wait for a girl to go to ready and late to somewhere? Or have you ever played this Q&A game: "What would you like to eat?", "I don't know, you choose", "No, you choose". So when you're dating a cougar, she will tell you where she wants to go to and she hopes you are there as well. A cougar not only knows what she wants to eat, but also gets ready for your meal when she arrives there!

Reason #5: Her confidence

Cougar not only looks beautiful but also has the confidence. You will never hear she asks, "Does this make me look fat?" Because she is very confident and she thinks she belongs to hot older women, even if she is fat, you will not notice that. And her confidence is not only shown on her own, but also in her relationships on every aspect. She won't always follow you; she will not check your mobile phone secretly. Her confidence let her think you won't cheat on her.

Reason #6: Low emotional maintenance, no drama

Here let's check the most important reason why you should date a cougar: There is no drama. She won't send the message say "hi" fifty times every day. She won't bomb you via common problem used by young women, such as "Where are you?", "Why don't you call me back?" Or "Who is that girl?" And you will not hear she asks the terrible problem: "Will we get married? Where will this relationship go?" But don't be surprised if you don't hear her asks such kind of question! Most of the cougars want a no strings attached relationship. Cougar is addictive, once you become addicted; it is difficult to release her back to the "wild".

Cougar is a mature and experienced woman. To start your cougar dating journey, you should read the above tips and then find a real cougar.