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Sender keeps control over shared confidential documents using

by Thanh Moen (2020-03-16)

ProtectMyDoc, Division of VERTX SYSTEMS, LLC today announced the release of FileOn Permission Manager Software utility which allows senders of confidential information to set permissions to documents restricting the receiver of the documents from printing, viewing, saving and sharing such confidential information with others. 

When dealing with legal contract or confidential information, working on secret project or sending information to a vendor, the sender has no control over such information sharing once it leaves the hands of the sender.  FileOn Permission Manager (FPM) is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) document security solution which allows the sender to set document permissions and include them in a package.  This package is compressed similar to .zip or .rar and then sent out as an e-mail attachment.

When the receiver opens the document from the package FileOn Permission Manager controls access to the documents and menu settings of MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, protecting and controlling access of the document based on sender restrictions placed on each document.  The package can contain none-secured content as well as controlled information.

Sharing with confidence is what FileOn Permission Manager provides.  Imagine sending packages via FedEx or UPS or via Fax or via E-Mail all of the confidential information once out there is no control over duplication or sharing of such data by vendors. 

One can download FileOn Permission Manager from set the permissions and send out the package.  The receiver of the information will never have to buy the product and can review unlimited confidential information.

Key functions of FileOn Permission Manager are: package password, document password, date document is accessible, date document will expire, number of views allowed, amount of time the document can be viewed, document sharing restriction by disabling: Save, Save As, Print / Print Preview and ALT-Print Screen options from MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

FileOn Permission Manager is a perfect peer to peer (P2P) solution which does not require server software or 토렌트 순위 complicated licensing.  Simple download, install the free trial, create a package and include the documents into the package, set the permission(s) on the documents and send the package.  Receiver will download the FileOn Permission Manager to open the package and each document viewed by the recipient will follow the security restrictions set by the sender.  

For additional information on FileOn Permission Manager, visit website download and try our product FileOn Permission Manager. 

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