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When a man tells his friends that he's proposed and his girlfriend has accepted, there are two words sure to come out of his good friend's mouth instantly: "Bachelor Party"

by Michael Bannerman (2020-03-04)

When a man tells his friends that he's proposed and his girlfriend has accepted, there are two words sure to come out of his good friend's mouth instantly: "Bachelor Party". For the friends and male family, this ritual of saying goodbye to the single life is almost as important and exciting as the wedding is for the bride. Without one, the other just doesn't mean as much -- unless you happen to be the fiance of that man, in which case you might have a very different opinion. Men love bachelor parties and women don't, but should women really be opposed to bachelor parties? This article seeks to explore from a males perspective why bachelor parties are not only harmless, but necessary for the transition between the past and present single status of a man to becoming a husband in a committed married relationship

A bachelor party is as much for the friends and of the groom as it is for the groom himself. The event isn't just about the erotic action, strippers, or drunken and rowdy behavior that usually occurs at these festivities, though these are the things that women tend to fixate on. Here's more about 000 square feet of well-appointed space where a guy can be a guy. review the site. It's a special time when the best male friends and family of the groom get to celebrate the role they've played in the grooms life up to that point, and an acknowledgement that now the role they once had in his life is now being transferred to that of his soon to be wife. The bachelor party symbolizes the end of a bachelor life where friends and family were the cornerstone of the groom's life but in this last wild hooray they acknowledge that they must step aside and make room for the bride to be their replacement, and become the cornerstone of the groom's inner most circle.

All right, so the men aren't sitting around reading poetry to each other. There might be a few naked girls dancing around somewhere, and that's pretty much the only thing that the bride and her girlfriends think about. There's that awful "what if" that crosses through their mind -- what if he touches the girls, or even more? If that isn't bad enough, they know that their husband to be is drinking heavily and that can lead to even more mischief especially if peer pressure were to used to escalate the fun aspect for the grooms last night as a free man.

I tend to differ with this theory of fear most women have conjured up in their minds to prevent soon to be husbands, boyfriends, and husbands from attending wild and erotic bachelor parties. My argument is the groom is already committed to the bride, the woman he has declared as the one true love of his life. Must we forget that recently this same man lowered himself on to his knee beneath her and asked for her hand in marriage the ultimate gesture of love and commitment any man could ever act upon? This is the man that just told the bride to be that he wants to spend his life with her and only her, and that he will swear fidelity until death parts them. One wild party night with friends and family cannot defeat such a gesture of love and commitment. The time spent getting to know each other and falling in love should be more than enough to overcome a little jealousy or anxiety of a bachelor party which may feature barely clad exotic dancers, excessive boozing, carousing, and good times with friends the bride is ultimately replacing at the foremost person in the life of the groom.

Is it so tragic if with his rowdy friends, who know that they aren't going to have the same relationship ever again with him, if the groom were to drink too much and get a little frisky with girls he'll never see again? Erotic dancers that have been associated with bachelor party tradition lore for so long? In my opinion trying to prohibit him from celebrating that tradition and love for his friends, which have been with him through thick and thin, the bride to be is not winning any points. She is also weakening their bond by trying to be controlling through her refusals to allow him to attend such an event and doubting that her groom really loves her as much as his earlier marriage proposal showed he clearly does.

The fact is, women should be hoping for the groom to have the best time of his life that night, and be willing to look away and understand the night isn't important outside of it being a fun time with friends and family. And men especially husbands to be, should not settle for anything less than a night to be remembered forever, because marriage is truly a life changing event that should be marked with an extraordinary pleasurable evening symbolizing the transition from being single to a lifelong marital commitment. Bachelor nights are the stuff legends are made of, and can be a lasting bond between male friends.

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