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Joint Pain Hack

by Mathew John (2020-01-31)

Many other winter sports applications Joint Pain Hack Review followed, including hip protectors for snowboarders and even figure skaters, before the product was launched into the motorcycle apparel market with hip, shoulder, knee and elbow protectors incorporated into the specialised motorcycle suits. It became obvious that D3O would be a suitable partner as they had succeeded with products that protected similar body parts, i.e. hips, in extreme conditions. Their move into supplying the military and police in several countries meant that they were able to work with organisations with demanding standards and long lead times. It was therefore a natural decision to use D3O in a parallel market - medical devices - that took advantage of the material's special properties to absorb impact in life-and-death applications.The main benefit is that it will save you from breaking your hip because Fall-Safe has been tested in the most accurate simulation of an actual fall, using a special test rig, when the forces generated on the point of the hip can be around 3,500 Newtons, and it reduced them to just over 1,000 Newtons. The same tests showed that the best any other hip protector could do was to reduce them to something over 1,700 Newtons, which can still break a hip if the person is osteoporotic and it will certainly cause such severe bruising that the faller will be incapacitated for many days.