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by Mathew John (2020-01-25)

Let me rephrase...when the digestive Hydralyft Review system is totally overworked and undernourished, the skin takes on some of the work. Now, just so I do not give any wrong is physiologically impossible to urinate or pass a bowel movement through your skin, so no worries there. However, when the GI tract is taxed, more waste gets removed through the skin and can cause serious troubles! The most common being acne, but even rashes, eczema, psoriasis, discolorations and texture discrepancies can be caused by a poorly functioning colon.This is something that I would LOVE to research further...any volunteers? I struggle with less than perfect skin and have since my teenage years. I have always been envious of those with porcelain doll-like skin. It is only now that I wonder if those years of blemishes was an external sign of the havoc in my innards! Not sure I will ever be able to prove it, but it sounds plausible to me! I firmly believe that the skin is a mirror for what is going on internally.If you struggle with skin issues, then maybe taking a look at your digestive system is in order before you reach for another miracle cream? Perhaps re-evaluate your relationship with dairy and gluten. Maybe caffeine or artificial sugars is the culprit. I have seen incredible changes not only in myself, but in clients as well, with simple, easy-to-implement dietary changes...and no one has been deprived or restricted in any way. If anything, the result is a feeling of empowerment!