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Memory Hack

by Mathew John (2020-01-24)

Providing care is exhausting. It is 24 Memory Hack Review hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Michael Jordan, the standout superstar of the Chicago Bulls during the 1990s was capable of scoring 50 points a game; however, if the other team scored 51, then Michael's valiant efforts were for nothing. Even Michael Jordan needed the support of his teammates to score points too and play defense against the other team to keep them from scoring. It took a team of players who excelled in their roles to bring home six championships in ten years.As the primary care provider (coach & superstar) of your at-home care-giving team, you are no good to your loved one if you are sick, tired, unmotivated, uninspired and overwhelmed. You need to build your team, utilize their talents and execute the game plan as you strive to provide championship-level care for an Alzheimer's patient.In a professional setting, the executive leadership is imperative to the overall success of the team's ability to provide care. When the Executive Director or corporate leadership (Coaches) doesn't have a clear vision or a clear game plan, the team's chances of success are diminished.When the team isn't aware of the game plan or worse yet, isn't given the tools and training for success, there is limited chance for championship-quality care.The Coach must be present. The Coach needs to set the rules and hold their team accountable for executing the overall plan. The Coach needs to train, teach, mentor and lead by example.