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Meditation In A Bottle

by Mathew John (2020-01-23)

Well-educated and experienced mental-health Meditation In A Bottle Review professionals will always be needed by society, as will knowledgeable pastors. The point is that there is much knowledge to be shared between the two.I spent a weekend in London recently attending the Spirit Release Forum's conference. The speakers had some fascinating stories to tell.Catherine G. Lucas, founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network, talked about her personal experience of what is termed spiritual emergency - when spiritual awakening accelerates at such an intensive pace that the individual finds it extremely difficult to maintain their normal, daily lives. Catherine found herself returning from a visit to Egypt in a wheelchair, her body completely overwhelmed by the powerful energies running through it and her mind open to previously undreamed of realities and dimensions.Sadly, this type of experience is often diagnosed as a mental illness and the "sufferer" is heavily medicated which halts the process immediately but also leaves them stuck at that crisis point. Catherine was eloquent in her assertion that you cannot separate the two; that usually any mental disturbance involves some sort of spiritual awakening, and spiritual emergency induces symptoms of mental illness. The key was to recognise this fact, and to support the individual to work through the awakening process to completion and integration, while providing them with a safe and supportive environment in which to do so. Every breakdown can lead to a breakthrough she says. You can read more about her journey and how to support others through similar ones in her book In Case of Spiritual Emergency.