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Meditation in a Bottle

by Mathew John (2020-01-13)

In the end, you need to ask yourself some Meditation in a Bottle Review questions, "What is life truly about? What gives me great joy whenever I think about it?" The answer comes from one word, memories. When you are alone sometimes do you recall your memories? Of course you do. Right at this moment you are creating either a positive or a negative memory that your future self will be looking back on. Memories are everything. When I think of the six years I struggled with severe anxiety and panic, I realize that during that time I had no positive memories. Sad, isn't it? The days leading up to my decision to overcome my anxiety disorder naturally were the most grueling of all. In fact I remember being intoxicated in my car thinking about which direction I should take. Should I listen to my critical voice and stay in my comfort zone that is leading me on a path that will lead to more awful memories? Or should I listen to my true voice that is gently telling me that there is a way out of this hell? The interesting thing is that both paths were quite scary. If I followed the advice of my critical voice and stayed in the comfort zone of fear that I had created, I'd be stuck as a hypochondriac, visiting doctors for my anxiety and emergency rooms for my panic attacks. I'd continue the cycle for the rest of my life, not making any good memories and remaining miserable.