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by Mathew John (2019-12-11)

This tip is simple, but it's something Ketogenasis Review many people struggle with. Be consistent. Consistency is key. I can give you a dozen tips and if you don't implement them consistently, it won't matter because you'll never get the results you're looking for. Whatever your workout regimen or eating plan is, you MUST be consistent.The way I've been successful in being consistent with my workouts is in picking a time of day that worked best for me and making it a priority. For me, it was first thing in the morning, before the family woke up and because my workouts only take 15 minutes a day, I only have to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual. Really not that big of a deal. Once I'm done, I feel great because I accomplished something and I'm completely energized for the rest of the day, no coffee needed. I get both a mental and physical boost. It's fantastic.The way I stay consistent with my diet is actually quite simple. I've eliminated as much junk food from my home as possible. So when the urge does hit, there's nothing around to tempt me. Additionally, I'm prepared at work with various types of nuts and organic peanut butter and pack 4 or 5 pieces into my bag every morning, giving myself no excuses to not eat healthy and in support of my goals. Thus, preparedness is a key to being consistent as well.