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Prostate 911

by Mathew John (2019-12-04)

Given that hair transplants are now back in fashionProstate 911 Review again ( Wayne Rooney and Jason Gardiner have boosted that market ) it is no surprise that this is the most popular cosmetic surgery operation requested by men today. However, penis enlargement surgery is much sought after, its just that there are not too many men willing to admit they have had it done, unlike a hair transplant.It must be said that there are many men who think they have a small penis, when actually they have a perfectly normal one. This does not stop them seeking surgery. They believe they have a small penis sometimes because they have had a bad sexual encounter. Perhaps a girlfriend has been particularly unkind, and that plants a seed of doubt in the mind which sometimes just wont go away. Also, a glimpse of a friend in the locker room can also convince a man that his penis is small, as he could not help but notice that is friend seemed to have a much bigger penis than he did.Before men embark on penis enlargement surgery they often try everything else. On the internet there are lots of advertisements for penis enlargement pills, traction devices and exercise techniques. These methods do not require any surgery at all of course, just how effective they are is unclear. In such a sensitive market it is difficult to get any meaningful data.