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Derma Correct

by Mathew John (2019-12-03)

The tan from a tanning bed is supposed toDerma Correct Reviewbe more beautiful because you avoid all the lines that clothing would normally leave when sun bathing outside in a public place. Even with increased public education about tanning bed dangers and the dangers of sunbathing, the public still insists on doing it. Tanning causes DNA damage within skin cells, and the more you exposure yourself to intense sun or UV rays the higher the risk of melanoma and squamous cell cancer. Some people also with sensitive skin may get a rash.If you are ever tempted by an ad from a tanning salon that says anything about it being safe, think again. Some salons are offering spray on tans as an alternative, but if you were to run those sprays through a test, they too contain toxins and carcinogenic ingredients that may not by law have to be disclosed.One of the other tanning bed dangers is wrinkles. Sun exposure and UV exposure via a tanning bed causes the skin to wrinkle quicker, especially in Caucasians and those with pale skin. Again, if the tanning salon says that their beds use UVA rays and not UVB, research is showing that these are equally dangerous and caution is important.