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Detoxil Omega Formula

by Mathew John (2019-12-02)

After discovering Mark Sisson's website Detoxil Omega Formula Review (, I realized that his belief system on nutrition and exercise was very much in line with mine, in that a lot of the "conventional wisdom", or what we have been led to believe are facts,are actually inaccurate when it comes to health and nutrition. So I bit the bullet an ordered his book.The short of it is, the way I look at nutrition has been forever changed!While I won't get into every detail of the Primal Blueprint, the eating plan is what I found particularly powerful. Mark uncovers an overwhelming amount of evidence and research that strongly suggests that the start of the obesity epidemic, along with the skyrocketing numbers of cases of heart disease began with the emergence of agriculture. Many anthropologists suggest that the human species reached its peak in terms of body composition, bone density and brain size about 10,000 years ago. Our physical decline occurred at the development of agriculture when humans began to harvest wheat, rice, corn and other grains.When you look at the relationship in timing, it's an eye opener!