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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Mathew John (2019-12-02)

When we make a list of daily activities, we may7 Day Prayer Miracle Review be confused whether an activity is present-based or future-based because either could be justified. The deciding factor will be based on the actual goals we have set for ourselves in the different areas of life. We first exactly need to know what we want to achieve in future. The simplest way to differentiate an activity to be present-based or future-based is to just ask ourselves, "If I do this one event and nothing else, could I achieve my future goal?"Just because we are working hard and staying busy, doesn't mean we are heading to a brighter future. Only hard work doesn't guarantee anything. Let's look out the surrounding of our life. Is it changing or going around in circles? If it's not changing, let's take a moment and think, "Am I focusing only in present based events or future based events?" Only future based events will create a desired future.