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by Jerome Jerome Princy (2019-11-13)

If we want to purchase iGenics Review discount contact lenses, we can get them from Internet stores, instead of flea market. Researches show contact lenses from online stores are usually 30% - 50% off the price sold in retail stores as most of these contact lenses are from manufacturers directly, and sellers of online stores don't need to pay so much money on house renting, employee wages and so on. When we purchase discount contact lenses from Internet, we should keep in mind the following points: it is important to consult your eye doctor for the prescription, the type and specification fit for your eye condition. Then you can enter this information into searches, and there will be many pages for your option. Another point we should pay attention to is to check if they have after-sale service and if they are responsible for delivery cost. One of the common vision problems is Myopia or nearsightedness, the opposite of farsightedness. For the nearsighted vision objects close to the eye are clear and everything in the distance is a blur. With Myopia the eyeball is too long and the eye focuses in front of the retina. Most of the time both eyes are shortsighted but in some cases one eye can be short sighted and the other one farsighted. Myopia also can be combined with other vision problems such as astigmatism. The usual symptoms of the short sighted vision blurred image when trying to focus in the distance. Sometimes the eye tries to compensate it with squinting. Other symptoms are eye strain and sometimes even headache. There is no single cause of Myopia. There is a combination of genetic factors and environmental factors. People who constantly use their eyes for close work can develop Myopia. You can be nearsighted as an infant, prior to age 20, after age 20 and even after age 40. The nearsighted vision can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Surgery is also a possible way to correct Myopia by reshaping the cornea. There are also eye exercises for nearsightedness. These simple eye exercises are especially important for those who do constant close work such working on the computer. Every 20 minutes or so you should do simple eye muscle exercises to prevent eye strain and fatigue.