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Hair Revital X

by Alisa Alisa Princy (2019-11-13)

The surgeon creating recipient sites for the Hair Revital X Review hair transplant must almost make these sites in an opposite fashion than for a male candidate, angling sites backward and obliquely, whereas for 95% of men this would lead to a bad outcome. Men's recipient sites that would accommodate the grafts are anterior, straight and low. Secondly, when working with women, they may have compromised donor hair in the temple region in conditions of diffuse thinning. Surgeons must know how to harvest this hair to maximize yield and minimize the incisional scar. This involves avoiding the affected temple region and circumnavigating areas of loss that would otherwise create problems down the road for the surgically transplanted result. Thirdly, women have been notoriously difficult patients regarding their satisfaction following hair restoration unlike men. We believe the most common reason for this outcome can be more likely due to the surgeon's fault on two accounts. First, unrealistic expectations were created for the patient, and poor communication of objectives was initiated. Secondly and just as important, the design to maximize a result requires judicious allocation of the grafts. We typically prefer to use two major patterns that we call an L-shape and a T-shape. For women who part their hair to the side, we use an L-shape with the longer limb of the L following along the part side and the bottom limb of the L across the central forelock and hairline. The T-shape is ideal for women who part their hair in the midline (or who have greatest density loss along the midline) with the long limb of the T being in the middle and the top horizontal limb of the T again being distributed along the frontal hairline and central forelock that in turn falls immediately behind the hairline. Of course, blending in the surrounding areas around these transplanted areas will yield the most natural result that is also targeted to the pattern of hair loss that a woman is suffering.