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by Alisa Alisa Princy (2019-11-13)

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar occurs when your StrictionD Review body's blood sugar levels become lower than they should be. This can occur when your insulin levels are too high. People with diabetes can experience hypoglycemia when they are trying to lose weight if they don't make adjustments to their diabetic medications (like insulin). This happens because losing weight can cause your sugar levels to drop. If you don't reduce the amount of insulin you are taking (or monitor your sugar carefully) then you can become hypoglycemic. Hyerglycemia or high blood sugar occur when your body's sugar levels become higher than they should be. This can occur when your insulin levels are too low to be effective in reducing your blood sugar levels. The amount of sugar in your blood will be affected by what you eat so it is important to monitor your sugar frequently as you are dieting to lose weight. Knowing the effects of weight loss on blood sugar should help you understand the importance of careful monitoring of your sugar levels so you can adjust your insulin levels accordingly. Likely when you start dieting to lose weight you will start exercising as well. This is good and will have a "double whammy" effect on your sugar levels. Exercise can help lower your blood sugar levels just like weight loss can. In the long run exercising will help keep your sugar in balance throughout the day along with a proper diet. Educating yourself on how weight loss effects blood sugar can literally save your life. People suffering from diabetes have this special challenge of finding the right combination of diet and exercise to control the dangerous effects of fluctuating sugar levels. Read all that you can and always consult your physician before starting any exercise plan or change in your diet. Never adjust your medications without first consulting your physician. Do you need help managing your weight? Are you border line type-2 diabetic? Do you want to slim up at the waistline? Many of my family members have type-2 diabetes and I have helped them change their eating habits slowly. In fact, a few have got off medication since they have improved and managed their blood glucose levels through food. I'm not saying that if you go on this food plan, you can get off medication, okay? Please consult with your doctor if have drastic changes in you daily diet that may affect your blood sugar.