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by Regina Fancy (2019-11-09)

That was one of the most profound and great Zen12 Review beliefs I have ever heard and it really changes the way you perceive so called failures. One commonality that all the successful people all around the world seem to emphasize however is expectations. What they all say is that you have to have great control over your expectations to yourself in order to achieve massive amounts of success. The key in this lies in expecting more from yourself than anyone would ever expect and therefore constantly pushing yourself to the limit in order to achieve your goals. Wants you set your expectations very high you will have the mindset of a true champion and even though you enjoy your victories you will constantly see if there is anything you can improve upon to take you to the next level and make you succeed even more. As they say if you shoot for the starts you land on the clouds. When you decide your expectations don't listen to what other people say about how your goals are unrealistic and not possible, just decide on something and expect more from yourself than anyone could ever expect. Make every single day an opportunity to discover new and never before seen potential from your side.Living in the Age of the UNTHINKABLEWorking with the unemployed I see a lot of people dealing with the unthinkable! For whatever reason - lay off, plant closing, staff reductions, off shore sourcing, obsolete jobs, etc. - they no longer have a job.Not only do they not have a job, they have not had a job for an extended period of time. They are dealing with the UNTHINKABLE.