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Memory Hack

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-08)

Play PacMan. As we grow older, we can experience Memory Hack Reviewchanges in our everyday intellectual skills. Those changes commonly affect our ability to stay focused, think quickly, multitask, and learn new information (after all, learning new things such as a name require the previous three skills!). Want to stay sharp no matter what your age? Play games against the clock. Research shows that training in these skills can help stay more effective at them, no matter what our age. Timed activities force us to pay attention, work fast, and think nimbly - you can't beat the clock without doing so! And the great news is that there are so many great brain games we can play, from board games to electronic games to computer-based, brain fitness specific training games (which have no unique scientific benefit, but can boost your stick-to-it-tiveness by acting as a personal trainer for your brain).Learn How to Remember. Strategies that help us learn and retain information are key for improving everyday memory. While things such as timed brain games or eating a brain healthy diet certainly support better memory, we still need a bit of a boost when it comes to remembering things such as passwords, directions and - everyone's favorite! - names. Studies have long supported the use of task-specific memory strategies.