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by Regina Fancy (2019-11-08)

For years I tried all kinds of products to get the HydraLyft Review look and feel of my skin back to where it used to be. Unfortunately, I didn't understand that many of the products I was using had chemicals in them that didn't do me any favours. Sure, they seemed to make my skin feel smooth and supple in the very short term, but I started developing sensitivity issues and a dry skin that didn't look reborn at all. So I did my research. And turn things around There are four main processes that occur in skin that cause skin damage, signs of age and a loss in the radiance most of us enjoy when we're young. Free radicals need to be checked As we age, free radical activity increases particularly in skin because it is exposed to oxygen in the air. This causes skin damage and if left unchecked, just gets worse over time. Antioxidants are the natural antidote for this so any skin rejuvenation treatment must include a supply of antioxidants to all levels - not just the surface. Collagen and elastin proteins need to be replentished Secondly, there are two proteins that are key. Collagen and elastin give our skin strength, flexibility and the tightness of youth. As we age, our ability to produce these proteins decreases and so the levels in skin drop. We start to sag and wrinkles start appearing. In order for a skin rejuvenation treatment to be effective, it has to address this. Be careful though - some products actually contain collagen and elastin and promise nothing short of eternal youth! The fact is though, that skin cannot absorb these proteins from the outside - the molecular structure doesn't allow it.The only way to increase production is to give your skin the nutrients it needs to boost its own production. Don't get sucked in by a product that contains these two proteins - that's a warning sign to stay away.