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Backyard Revolution

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-08)

You begin by going through eBay inventory. Backyard Revolution Review The inexpensive components that you want to look for are solar cells and deep cycle batteries. Spend some time going through the offers and place your bidding. Build the solar module - When you have gotten the solar cells from eBay, most probably they are not in the best condition. You have to check each and every cell.Broken cells can be discarded. Cracked cells can be repaired. When you have sorted all the PV cells, you can start to solder them together to make the solar panel. Installing the solar module - At this stage, you have to decide how and where you want to install the solar panels. The modules can be setup either on the roof or on the ground. Roof installation is a better option because it has the most sun exposure. Building the battery bank - You cannot connect an electrical equipment directly to the solar panels. This is because the power output from the modules is small and inconsistent. You need to build a battery bank.The solar cells are connected to a controller where it will be used to charge up the battery. When the battery is charged, it can be used to power simple electrical equipment with Direct Current (DC).Many people like the idea of using solar power to reduce their home energy consumption. Using solar energy has the potential to reduce your monthly utility bill because some of the electrical components can draw power from the solar system instead from the main power grid.