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Sonus Complete

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-06)

At times, I wasn't able to comfortably talk Sonus Complete Review on the phone without being distracted by the buzzing noise and hearing loss.Ultimately, I decided the noise was not going to go away on its own so I visited an ear specialist. When I visited the doctor, I was shocked to hear that I was suffering from an infliction known as tinnitus.According to my doctor, tinnitus is a very common for people of my age. She said that over 20% of people between the ages of 50 and 65 (baby boomers) suffer from some form of tinnitus and hearing loss.Also, she said that the main causes of tinnitus are prolonged exposure to loud noises, various neurological disorders, and some metabolic disorders. The real shocker she told me was that certain prescription medications can actually cause "tinnitus and hearing loss" as potential side effects.How scary is that? We discussed my treatment options, but I was afraid of the intense surgical procedures that she recommended for me. Instead, I went on prescription meds for several months, which didn't solve my hearing problems and oftentimes made me sick.After realizing that prescription drugs weren't the answer for me, I decided to search for some alternative treatments and therapies.