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Vision RX20

by Jerome Jerome Princy (2019-11-05)

Soft lenses are very Vision RX20 Review popular. Although they have a few disadvantages, people still prefer these types of lenses over a lot of the others. A few of these disadvantages include being very fragile and tearing or ripping easily. They also can absorb many pollutants and irritate your eyes. There are two new types of contact lenses that are on the market today. The daily disposables and the extended wear disposables are fairly new. With the daily disposables, you wear them for one day, and throw them away. It gives your eyes a chance to rest and breathe. With these, you won't have to clean them every day or every other day. By choosing this type, your eyes will be less irritated and you won't have to worry about dry eyes. As far as the extended wear is concerned, they are made from silicone and are able to be worn for thirty days and thirty nights at a time. These contacts help to reduce irritation as well as dry eye. It's just a plain fact that Lasik surgery is intrusive. That is that it cuts the outer protective surface of the eye. So just like any other intrusive surgical procedure, there is the risk of Lasic complications. Problems that can develop, both during and after the procedure. One post operative issue that can develop as the result of this surgical procedure is dry eyes. It's the result of nerve damage that occurred as the cornea was being cut with the laser. Symptoms of eye dryness can include burning, sense of foreign matter and eye lid sticking. The fact is that all surgery procedures have a success rate and none of them are 100%. People have even died as the result of minor dental surgery. You need to understand that in some instances, people do come away from Lasik surgery with worse vision problems than before the operation. You also need to take into account that once your eyes cornea is cut, it will be effected to some degree for life. Now some people heal better than others, and also some surgeons are more skilled than others. Even so, after your cornea has healed, it will be more vulnerable to injury then it was before the surgery. Even if you heal perfectly with absolutely no problems, there still remains the risk of some long term consequences. For instance, studies have shown that Lasik surgery can leave you more vulnerable to cataracts. There are a few other cornea health issues that can be effected by this surgery procedure over the long haul as well.