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by Regina Fancy (2019-11-05)

It often may seem easier to some people to just go StrictionD Review with the endless drugs, monitoring and doctor visits etc. For most people it is hard work to change long held habits, especially eating habits. It may be that many people will not want to go through the process of changing their dietary habits and other lifestyle habits. Functional Medicine approach is an alternative for all of you who want to reverse your type 2 diabetes condition and be free of the drug dependence, daily procedures and the debilitating and potentially life threatening symptoms. My hope in writing this article is that people suffering from type 2 diabetes will better understand the alternatives that are available to them.Michael Chadd is a Holistic Nutritional Health Advisor and Consultant. His years studying the benefits of whole food nutritional principals for holistic health and experiencing the benefits first hand, have led to his passion for helping people with type 2 diabetes to recover naturally.Chronic diseases like diabetes are caused when the body fails to produce or use insulin properly. Insulin is used by the body cells to absorb the glucose from the blood and if the insulin is not properly used, it results in excessive glucose in the blood stream, damaging eyes, heart and many other vital organs in the long run. Hence it is essential to prevent diabetes by being aware of the symptoms.As the numbers of diabetes cases are increasing across the globe, many health departments have initiated social awareness campaigns and steps that can be followed to prevent diabetes or delay the onset of diabetes.