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Vision RX20

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-04)

On an emotional level, I am more balanced and secure. Vision RX20 Review I no longer look for drama or make big problems out of small inconveniences. In the past, I would allow small hurts to overwhelm me. I would cut off relationships with people rather than work through hurts, as if being alone was preferable to feeling pain. Since my vision began to diminish, I see the emotional world much differently. If I am going to live with low vision, I am going to have to be secure in myself AND willing to trust other people. From my new perspective, I can give other people the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to conclusions. When I make mistakes, I am gentle with myself. When I feel hurt by something someone else does, I try to be just as gentle with that person. On an intellectual level, I am interested in exploring - learning new things and learning new ways to do the things I have done in the past. My curiosity has been awakened by my disability. I am more open to new ideas, less quick to judge and dismiss other people's opinions. I want to know what is happening and why. I want to see and learn and explore and know the world and all its beauty. I want to learn to use all my senses to understand the world in new ways. On a spiritual level, I "see" in new ways. Divine grace is everywhere and I try to find it in every person and place and experience and obstacle that I encounter. I trust God. I know, now, that I do not have access to the big picture. I love to watch the action of grace in my life and all around me. I am in love with the mysteriousness of the way God works. I love people. I try to love more unconditionally. I listen. I pray differently than I did before. I feel connected to God in a new way now.