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by Regina Fancy (2019-11-01)

The first one is polydipsia which is the intake of StrictionD Review large amounts of fluids. The patient may feel thirsty all the time and drinks a lot of cold water. Polyphagia is the second symptom wherein the person may manifest a large intake of food. Due to the problem in the consumption of glucose in the cellular level, a person may feel hungry all the time and will look for something to eat. The last sign is polyuria where the patient excretes large amounts of urine. All day long, the patient goes to the comfort room. Sleep pattern is even altered due to the urge in urination even at night.The best diagnostic test for this is to check your blood glucose levels according to the routine done by the hospital. This will monitor any increase or decrease in the level which will help in the Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. It can also be checked from the amount of glucose found in your urine.The disorder is commonly undiagnosed until symptoms of a vascular and neuropathic long-term complication cause the patient to seek medical attention. For instance, some patients are diagnosed when they present to the health care team complaining of impotence, burning pain in the feet, recurrent skin infections or infections in the genital area. Many other patients are diagnosed incidentally with routine blood tests.If you think you have the above risk factors and you have been experiencing some of the symptoms then you better consult a medical team about it. You must not wait for any life-threatening complications to happen to you before you rush to a hospital.