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by Alisa Alisa Princy (2019-10-31)

How to remove: As mentioned Igenics Review earlier, it is essential to wash your hands before handling them. It also avoids scratches on lens due to dirt on hands. Before removing, put 2 to 3 drops of saline solution or lubricating drops in each eye to moisten the lenses and ease the removal process. Remove them as per your doctor's instructions. After removing, if the edges of the lens stick to each other, put few drops of saline solution on the lens and rub gently until the edges get separated. Tips for cleaning and storage: Every time after removing, it is necessary to clean or sterilize your lenses with the prescribed solution before storage. For sterilizing, shoot the lenses with a steady stream of solution on both the sides for some time as specified on the package. Some lenses are also required to be rubbed in order to remove the dirt, protein, cosmetics and other particles. In such cases, rub the lens gently with clean fingertip by placing it on your palm. After rubbing, rinse it again with the solution to wash off the dirt and dust. Also note that tap water should not be used for sterilizing lenses and also don't mix multiple solutions to clean them. Once the cleaning is done, lens should be stored properly until the next use. Before storing fill the storing case with prescribed solution. Remove lens while sleeping: Except extended wear lenses, all other contact lenses should be removed before sleeping. If we fall asleep with lenses in our eyes, tears cannot carry sufficient amounts of oxygen to the eyes. As a result, lenses will become dry and stick to the eyes. This makes it difficult to remove them. Hence, it is advised not to sleep wearing contact lenses. Accidentally, if such situation happens, put few eye drops into the eyes, wait for few minutes and then remove the lenses. Avoid during eye infections: It is better to avoid contact lenses when there are signs of eye infections which include redness of eyes, burning, itching or excessive tearing. If you find any of the above signs remove the lenses and stop using them until the infection is completely cured. Once your infection is cured, use the lenses as per the doctor's instructions to prevent further eye infections.