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by Regina Fancy (2019-10-31)

Various teachers would try to teach the people how to Individualogist Reviewuplift themselves from the illusion (how to ascend), but it makes sense that the one who volunteered to make the illusion possible in the first place (remember that he grasped its brilliance) would be the one that would be most effective in leading people out of it.As we know, Jesus was sacrificed on the cross. Two thousand years ago, the timing wasn't right for the people to uplift themselves out of the illusion. Of course they did not understand what Jesus understood, or taught. But Jesus fulfilled his role then; he made things a bit easier and he planted the seed for the future ascension of humanity.We are more ready than ever now, and we will find our way out of the making the effort to uplift ourselves and "ascend" our consciousness. Adam and Eve are coming full circle.Bruce Lee was one of the most popular and iconic movie stars of the XX century; he participated in hundreds of movies, developed a unique fighting style called Jet Kune Do, and became a living legend. Most people think of him as being just an impressive fighter, but he was much more than a skilled brawler. Lee's mastery was not only of the body but also of the mind, as clearly attested by his philosophical beliefs... a good illustration of which can be found in the popular quote "be water, my friend".