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Manifestation Magic

by Jerome Jerome Princy (2019-10-31)

How would your amount of sales Manifestation Magic Review change if you sincerely cared for these people, if you wanted that "if they buy MY product, their lives will become infinitely easier to live", and you felt that in your gut, as like a burning urge to sell? That burn in your stomach would practically do the work for you. You would just take action after action after action. Of course, to optimize your amount of sales you would have to do various research - but OF COURSE you would do this; it would be a natural consequence of your passion to help them. How would your sales page look? Would you have to hire a copy writer, or would your passion shine through, even if you were not 100% perfect grammatically? Of course. People would not think of your grammar, but instead get drawn in. Is this manipulative. No... it is what you really feel. It is your passion transcribed into writing. It is perfectly authentic and not at all creepy, in my mind. Okay, you have a good product in mind, but will you do everything necessary to make it great? Of course - that will be a natural consequence of your passion. This is the kind of passion that drove Thomas Edison to come up with the light bulb - despite failing 3000 times. He reached success, and so can you. Most of us know, at least in theory, that the pursuit of perfection is harmful, and rarely achievable anyway. So do we just settle for mediocrity? No, there's another answer -- pursue excellence! And it does require pursuit. You won't just casually bump into excellence while meandering along the path of life. Quality is not commonplace - not easily accessible. It is rarely inexpensive. Though there is cost, in terms of time, brain power, and money, the rewards are lasting. When the great King Solomon, of Biblical fame, wanted the very best in terms of materials and skilled craftsmen to build the famed Temple, he brought in the finest wood and precious metals from distant lands; he also sent for Hiram, who is described as a man full of wisdom, and understanding. History also tells us that Hiram "was a real artist - he could do anything with bronze. He came to King Solomon and did all the bronze work." (I Kings 7:14 - The Message) I imagine that Hiram wasn't the cheapest person on the block. In his well-known book, Salesman of the Century, Ron Popeil wrote, "I realized a long time ago that I'm not an expert in every area. That's why I work with professionals to assist me in the creation and marketing of my products." Good advice! We have all heard the saying birds of a feather flock together and surely, it makes sense that if one was to take the average income of the 10 individuals with whom you spend the most time, it's likely that your income to be about the average of that of those 10 people. So at this point, it's safe to say that this statement is leaning away from theory and towards fact.