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by Alisa Alisa Princy (2019-10-29)

Now here comes the secret - this is what Individualogist Review God wanted me to know, the reason why some people achieve and others don't. It comes down to ...DETERMINATION! Wishing and wanting just doesn't cut it. Desires and dreams just stay a "what if?", when there is no determination behind it. Here's a great verse which has great imagery - "Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor, be aglow and burning with the Spirit serving the Lord" Romans 12 v 11 That sure sound determined to me! Okay so what does "determine" mean? Determine: to settle ultimately, to fix on, to settle or establish, and to resolve Now there is no argument here, this meaning is pretty clear - to determine is to SETTLE FOR GOOD on what you want to have happen. That is determination! You have made up your mind to inject love into your marriage relationship and nothing is going to get in your way. That is determination! You have resolved that you will lose x amount of pounds this year and that chocolate calling your name is not going to get you. (Now for some reason, yummy fattening food like chocolate is my biggest downfall and I can get determined about most things ...but losing weight and giving up chocolate is hard but with God's help nothing, NOTHING is impossible - watch this space!) You (and I - I so need this as well) MUST get so determined about the dreams that God has placed in your heart that you decide once and for all and then set your mind on it - you get so fixated on making it happen. God talks about this in Colossians 3 v 2 "Set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things) not on the things that are on earth" You are not in this alone, God has promised to help you and inject determination into your hearts and strengthen your minds so they can be set upon achieving your goals. So stir yourself up, sharpen those pencils, and write down those dreams and goals. Pick ONE DREAM, ONE GOAL and become completely determined to achieve it! The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that thoughts are things and you can create your own reality. We can do this because we live in an infinite ocean of thinking intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean, or the Mind of God.