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Blood Balance Formula

by Jerome Jerome Princy (2019-10-19)

The initial symptoms are often Blood Balance Formula Review associated with direct effects of high blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels up to > 160-180 mg/dL, the glucose will be removed from the body through urine. If the levels are higher, so the kidneys will get rid of extra water to thin out large amounts of glucose from the body. Because the kidneys produce excessive amounts of urine, then the patient will often urinate in large numbers with the result that the patient will feel very thirsty and it encourages patients to frequent drinking. A large number of calories lost into the urine (in the form glucose) so that the patient has decreased weight and feeling very hungry which cause sufferers always want to eat. Diabetes mellitus is a disease that has the most complications. This is related to glucose levels are constantly high (without treatment or if treatment is not sufficient) so that the resulting damage to blood vessels, nerves and other internal structures. Complex compounds formed from glucose attached to the walls of blood vessels causing blood vessel walls thicken and leaking. Blood flow rate will be reduced mainly to the skin and nerves due to the thickening of blood vessel walls. Because the body's cells can not properly utilize glucose for energy then the cells would use fat as an energy source so that it will happen mobilization of fat from where it is accumulated to all parts of the body that cause increased levels of blood fats. This will speed up the deposition of plaques of fat in the blood vessel walls that have been thickened for glucose adhesion complexes. This process is accelerating cavity narrowing of blood vessels. Poor blood circulation is the large blood vessels would injure the brain, heart and leg veins, whereas in the small blood vessels it can injure the eyes, kidneys, nerves, skin and slow healing of wounds. The tendency of wound infection and slow healing power also arise due to weakening immune system (white blood cells sluggish due to lack of adequate energy sources). Patients with diabetes can experience a variety of long-term complications if the disease is not well managed. Complications are more common and deadly are heart attacks and strokes. The damage on blood eyes vessels can cause vision problems as result of damage on retina. Renal dysfunction caused by diabetes can cause kidney failure, so patients must undergo dialysis. The damage on nerves leads to skin injuries more often because the patient can not feel changes in pressure and temperature. The decreased of blood flow to the skin can also cause ulcers occurred, and all wound healing is slow. Ulcers on the feet can be very deep and can also become infected and rot that had to be amputated.