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Flow State Training Program

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-18)

Meditation is time for Yourself. It is a way to ground who you are on the inside. it will help you to get in touch with your centered self. That is why I refer to it as a hard and fast five minutes of freedom. Freedom begins with discipline and when you discipline yourself to meditate every day you get better acquainted with yourself.I guess that everyone, at least one time in his/her life, asked this question. Somebody is afraid and it makes this person numb. Someone just thinks that nothing good comes out of empty dreams. But why are they empty? Dreams fills us from head to toe. It becomes part of us and accompanies us until its execution. Dreams, whether it is a little wonder, or a huge event when it is executed, the world begins to glow with extraordinary colors.So why are we so afraid to dreams? The answer is simple and obvious. We are afraid to leave the reality, to leave the world around us. So afraid that we are ready to leave dreams, to bring them into oblivion.If you ask, is there even any sense...For most people on this planet that made sense. Why? Why did they choose this path? They know the answer, however, they do not want themselves to admit this. By allowing the dream to fly away, they condemned themselves to the existence of empty, meaningless routine days.I sincerely sympathize with those people for whom life is no longer lit up with these special paints, which come to life only when a dream comes true.So never lose touch with your dream. Believe that it will come true, because until you believe, there is always a chance of survival. It always has a chance to become your wonderful reality.