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Lotto Annihilator

by Jerome Jerome Princy (2019-10-18)

Some of our politicians, community Lotto Annihilator Review leaders, service clubs, and even police and public schools, are turning their heads by directly or indirectly promoting projects that receive funding from "washed money" sent through community non-profit foundations and organizations to be doled out to the community. This is gambling money taken mostly from those who cannot afford it. For example a teenage neighbor came to our door selling raffle tickets for a local public school project. The tickets were chances to win 100 lotto tickets. How subtle the conditioning, having our minor children promoting gambling to support their band uniform purchases. This author has interviewed many family members whose lives have been shattered and homes and jobs lost from subtle gambling addictions which include the growing private internet and highly addictive video lottery gambling. Few if any of these stories make the newspapers or TV newscasts. A National Gambling Impact Commission report cites the need for a moratorium on the expansion of gambling in the U.S.; a ban on internet gambling; prohibition of gambling under age 21 and State curbs on the flood of political contributions pouring out of what has become a multi- billion per year business. Think of what those billions could do in real productive stimulus jobs or even credit to small businesses that employ 80% of our people. Casino trips with free transportation and bingo nights may offer retirees and welfare recipients with check cashing privileges and the opportunity for a social and "recreational" outlet, but gambling, like illicit drugs, often entraps the poor and elderly gamblers to wager more than they can afford, according to the study. The National Gambling Impact Commission report demands urgent action. It indicates that the gambling explosion has produced an increasingly massive flow of support for politicians. It calls for a much overdue reform and moratorium. Locally, the tentacles of local and national casino and lotto sales gambling run far and deep into the very heart of the well-being of our communities. Like runaway cancer, it permeates and subtly saps the life from our most important resource- our people. Gambling destroys families and futures. Gambling is designed to separate the patrons from their money.Obviously, they don't value the people over their money. For the poor, it appears to be a "ticket out of poverty." In reality it is a road to misery and poverty entrenchment. Watch the traffic pick up at the Casino and lottery counters with free shuttle service to the door when the welfare and social security checks arrive. Free bus service and check cashing assure patrons arrival at the slippery slope to addiction.