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by Alisa Alisa Princy (2019-10-17)

But the irony of the whole sordid Individualogist Review incident was that if the wedding had taken place, Joan would have ended up being a widow in less than a year! Philip calling off the engagement and wedding was an act of God; preventing her from the future that was less than 12 months away! God have a way of shielding us from unpleasant and bitter experiences because He knows the end from the beginning and knows what is best for us but our human nature will always feel otherwise. We should always thank God for our little troubles for those hardest to bear are the ones He doesn't allow to come our ways. How insightful! There is a hidden blessing in whatever negative situations we go through in life and those situations are often instrumental to our success or failure in our endeavors depending on the way we see and handle them. We should also be aware of the fact that no matter our trials and tribulations in life that it could still be worst! And that they are still people who are worst than we are! The solutions then lies on us viewing negative experiences proactively and separating ourselves from it thereby viewing the obstacles more objectively as this allows us to handle them well. When things go wrong the worst thing to do is to go wrong with them! The Almighty is alive and is still on the throne and controls the affairs of this world! He will never leave or forsake you! You can - still - bounce back and be that person that you have always wanted to be in life! Joan after some years met and married a man who according to her was "so many things Philip was not" and they are still together and very happy. It took some years for her to come to the realization that Philip was not the right man for her even though their relationship was the talk of the town! Some supposedly "good" things might not be the best for us. Some of us hold on and hang on to things that we perceive as good not knowing that we can get something better. This scenario is at play in every area of our life - relationship, marriage, work, friendship. Just name it!