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Manifestation Magic Review

by Cynthia Richards (2019-10-17)

It has taken me many years to recognize Manifestation Magic and hear God speaking to me; it was not a reprimand but a gentle and kind reminder. I said OK and left Wendy's. I pulled back into KFC and there were no cars ahead of me. When I went to the outside Menu I noticed a special for a chicken pot pie (my wife's favorite at KFC) with a medium Pepsi for only about $ 5-6. True Successful Living; A $5.99 meal out of this world! I have eaten at some of the finest restaurants in the World but I have never eaten a meal as tasty as that simple pot pie. Why? When we obey God even in the simple things, He blesses us! The Chicken was sweet and tender, the peas, the carrots, etc. I ate everything except for the aluminum container. I was in tears for most of the ride to the Boston Area because I had another encounter with God's blessing in my life. (Men, I am not a cry baby) (Ladies, we don't always eat at fast food restaurants)