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7 day Prayer Miracle

by Alisa Alisa Princy (2019-10-16)

See I took a step forward. We now 7 day Prayer Miracle Review venture into the land of what's over that fence? Is the grass greener? Are we going to work less for more pay? Is Salma Hayek going to call me and ask me out? I'd have to unfortunately give the unanimous answer of "NO!" on all counts. I do have good news for some... Knowing my slogan "it only get's worse!" ticks off the weaklings; The strong ones see this as opportunity to succeed. We live in a pessimistic society for the sky is falling my friends. I see opportunities all over the place. Stepping Stone St. is a great street to live on. It means you are always thinking down this road. You see everything as opportunity to grow. The number two rule of Jim E Jism is "if you don't like where you are... don't be there!" It really is that simple. On this street Opportunity Avenue runs perpendicular every block. Parallel to Stepping Stone is Victim St. I will never travel that route. There is a cul de sac called Mediocre Meadows that sits between the two fore mentioned corridors. It's comfy and loquacious. But there is only one way in and out of that place. Give me liberty of give me tranquility? I think not. I challenge everyone reading this to go that extra step and seek fortune and glory. If your a minister then touch some souls. If you are shoe salesman... well do the same thing. I love it on this road/street whatever you want to call it. I dare you not to settle. I implore you to find your expertise and do what you do with the mind set that you can teach others who are worthy to live up to your standard.