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by Jerome Jerome Princy (2019-10-16)

With the help of a trained medical iGenics Review expert, this process of Lasik surgery is conducted through a precise method. The surgery is done on the thin corneal flap hinged with the use of microkeratome. After this the surgeon pulls out the corneal flap in order to expose the under lying tissue of the cornea. The excimer laser then is ablates the affected cornea and heals it through a unique pattern that is being pre-specified for every patient. On most of the lasers treatments, the conventional Lasik is found to have an ablation pattern that treats directly the patient's eyes and shuns the requirements of glasses. This depends on the fixed parameters for each of the patient. After that the corneal flap is gently positioned back over the underlying parts of the cornea without any kind of sutures. In the field of ophthalmology, a wide variation of laser eye treatments is available. But all the treatments and Lasik surgeries are done through a common ray of laser called excimer laser. Therefore, even if the treatments are known under different names they are all the same in their advantages. Some of the top notch laser manufacturers include wavelight, Visx, Nidek, Bausch and Lomb and Alcon. Apart from that laser ablations are found in different types that can be used to perform even conventional treatments of laser, wavefront optimized treatments along with wavefront guided curing methods. Eventually femtosecond laser is used instead of that are mechanical microkeratome in order to create the corneal Lasik flap. If you are considering getting laser eye surgery to correct your vision, the initial procedure that might cross your might will most likely be LASIK eye surgery, however for many candidates PRK Surgery might be a better option. For some individuals it might be the only option. So you might be wondering why someone would consider going through PRK laser eye surgery, well it's main benefit that can be seen over LASIK is that a corneal flap is not left remaining and also their are fewer chances of complications visible. When discussing the corneal flap, we can see that it is an actual change in the structure in the eye and it may prevent future surgical treatments if their are any complications. To date, LASIK can be seen as being more popular when considered to PRK surgery and that is because of some of the cons of PRK surgery. PRK laser eye surgery has a much longer recovery time because the epithelium is completely removed and it takes time for it to grow back. This alone causes recovery to be a lot more painful when compared to LASIK even though there is no cutting involved in PRK surgery. Also it takes quite some time for PRK patients to reach their best uncorrected vision, which is usually between one to three months. LASIK results are far more faster.