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Subliminal Guru

by Jerome Jerome Princy (2019-10-15)

One would actually ask such a Subliminal Guru Review fundamental question to anyone who dares to enjoy meat from a goose that brings gold to the house. I know I spoke about change being the only constant in business recently but one would ask as well "Why CHANGE a WINNING formula". I need to bring a balance here and now to say change must be for a purpose not just having it because you have now become accustomed to it and it excites you. If there is no real tangible OBJECTIVE why this change is happening then questions can be raised on whether we are not merely keeping up APPEARANCES. Yes, it is good to portray the image that we are DYNAMIC in our leadership, we are FLEXIBLE and somewhat MODERN in our business approach but certainly not at the expense of a business line that was the LIFELINE of the organization. Whenever we have good results we must look deeply and ask ourselves hard searching questions why or how come? It is no use asking how come when sales and production takes a dip only. When you zero in and point out the cause of your SUCCESS then you are in a better place to maintain that success or even surpass it by improving on the winning formula not removing it totally. Employers and entrepreneurs, it is time you awarded PROMOTIONS based on PERFORMANCE (results) as opposed to merely which face you like the most. Once the people who are responsible for the successes we enjoy are identified, it is time to MOTIVATE them. Motivation is a separate topic but at this point I know your mind has started thinking in terms of dollars and cents (or your respective currency). Sometimes all that people want is RECOGNITION that they are playing an important part in the well-being of the organization. Your organization is as strong as the people who labor to support, promote and advance the VISION. These are your employees. No matter how seemingly attractive and tempting the idea of having the goose that lays golden eggs as dinner, you need to realize where your bread is buttered pretty fast enough. If you lose credibility with those standing in the winning formula and your destiny becomes obvious to many. The growth of my business has been largely due to the fact that we were strict in terms of who is hired to take part in the vision. We have definitely focussed on CHARACTER and ATTITUDE rather than merely hire for SKILL volume. Over time we began to neglect our labor force and the exodus started where people felt unappreciated, undervalued. Needless to say this affected us directly. It is easy to switch off your own LIFE SUPPORT system even though you may be in intensive care. My advice, do no shoot yourself in the foot like I did once. Value the employees; they will lay perpetual golden eggs if treated well.