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Keto 6X

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-15)

There are two types of motivation: negative motivation and Keto 6X Reviewpositive motivation. Negative motivation is a little like fool's gold - it seems great on the surface but it is ultimately ineffective and unsustainable. Frankly, negative motivation is what most people are used to. Most people, who struggle with weight, absorbed a lot of this growing up - they were punished and reprimanded, but very rarely got the support and encouragement they needed. In school they got a lot of red pen marks on their schoolwork but not a lot of positive remarks. The focus was on what was missing - what should be fixed or corrected. Punishment for perceived failures in their childhood has fueled destructive patterns of behavior in their adulthood.Skipping meals and not eating, or starving yourself acually increases the level of enzymes that store fat, so you are actually training your body to hoard body fat.The less you eat, the harder it gets to get rid of excess weight. This is why the closer you sometimes get to a goal the more it seems like you just can't lose that last 5 - 10 pounds.Your exercise pattern plays a great role in your weight loss plan. Initially one tends to see that they are losing weight by exercising for as little as thirty minutes. Gradually your body reaches a plateau and the weight loss stops.De motivated, you stop as well. Reaching a plateau is one of the most natural things to happen while trying to lose weight as your body gets used to the exercise routine.