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Fungus Hack

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-03)

However, both Dr. Kirby, D.P.M. and "Barefoot Ken" Fungus Hack Reviewagree that runners need to proceed with caution when trying out this trend. In today's world running completely barefoot is often unsafe due to the surfaces most runners travel on. No one wants to take a barefoot jog and accidentally step on a sharp pebble or rusty nail on the sidewalk! Some type of protective covering must be worn over the feet. Several options include the "Vibram FiveFingers" (which are also mentioned in "Born to Run"), or the "Nike Free".Both of these shoes have minimal cushioning and attempt to allow the foot to act as though barefoot while still being somewhat protected from the elements. Runners should also make their transition to barefoot running a gradual or incomplete one. As previously mentioned, Dr. Kirby discussed his support for occasional barefoot running, but making a drastic transition to running barefoot could be dangerous and lead to injury. It is also important to consider that even doing a small amount of barefoot running can be harmful to some runners, as barefoot running may not be for everyone.When you sustain an injury to the foot, it may initially be difficult to discern between a sprain and fracture. A sprain involves damage to the ligaments of the foot, whereas a fracture is a break in any one or more of the 26 bones in the foot.Since a different treatment protocol is used for a sprain or a fracture, it is important to know the difference. A failure to seek medical intervention when needed may result in long-term problems with the foot and limited functional abilities, especially in sports, where the normal structures are placed under stress in the course of activities.