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The Bad Boy Blueprint

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-01)

Other times, psychological triggers are in play. The Bad Boy Blueprint ReviewFor example, a childhood experience, positive or negative, is projected or relived by our attraction to the 'type' that takes us back in time, even subconsciously. Or, we could simply associate certain traits with qualities we seek in someone, though such association bears no foundation in reality.So, the very brief examples above show how tricky it is to follow one's type so blindly. It is much better to learn about ourselves and what we want from love and our love life before we plunge into dating and become marionettes of instinct.Make list of what love means to you. What type of relationship you want, what qualities you seek in your love partner. Remember those qualities during dating. Never lose focus of those qualities. If you do, you will become vulnerable to those 'triggers' again and you'll fall for the same wrong 'type' over and over.This is why every advice you can find focuses on avoiding getting involved with someone for a while, and rather on how one should get to know our date over time before letting our feelings grow to a point of no return. As you get to know your date more and more, you will become more aware of who they really are and hopefully less vulnerable to those 'triggers' which always sweep you off your feet.Do you know how to really earn a man's love? What does a man want from you before he falls in love? Have you ever wondered how the naturals do it? Some women just have all the right tools to get the man of their dreams and now you do too.