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by Shanu Sweet (2019-06-29)

Generally speaking, all eyeglasses are made from Lutenol Review lenses and frames, no matter they are designer glasses, prescription glasses or not. Therefore, the uniqueness of these eye wear can be well embodied by frames and lenses. In other words, uniqueness in frames and lenses has led to the peculiarity of these eyeglasses. The frames of the eye wear can doubtless made from any materials that are widely used in the field. But they can be designed into any shapes or styles, so as to meet wearers' special demands. For example, the frames can be usually made in much larger sizes than regular glasses- not in an exaggerating, but natural and attractive way; the frames can also be the same as regular glasses in sizes, but the designs and techniques employed are completely different- like, engraved with different pictures, so as to make wearers more special to look at, etc. In a word, the frames of these eye wear are never the same as regular glasses, but upgraded and innovated somewhere. The lenses of unique glasses can also help wearers show their uniqueness. Usually, the lenses are different from ordinary lenses, but are specially processed and treated, so as to meet wearers' personalized demands.