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by Shanu Sweet (2019-06-27)

As for optical design, one good option is ASD, or Accelerated Igenics Review Stabilization Design. This is used for astigmatism lenses and will deliver more stable, crisper vision. The lens rotates less, is less affected by gravity, and is superior to the Ballast design. Ballast design allows for one zone of stability located at the bottom of the lens. Accelerated Stabilization Design, on the other hand, makes use of four different stability zones which better hold the lens just where it should be. Acuvue also makes use of Stereo Precision Technology, which is used for people with presbyopia, or people who are having trouble seeing small print. With the Oasys Brand for Presbyopia, you can have clear vision for long distance, short distance, and in-between. You'll no longer have to see clearly only the foreground while losing the background, and vice versa. With Acuvue lenses, you'll also have improved comfort thanks to the materials used for the lenses. Hydrogels and silicone hydrogels allow for this improved comfort. The best contacts allow for nearly a hundred percent of available oxygen to reach your eye, and the leading silicone hydrogel contact lens brands do just that.