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Boohoom slammed by keyworkers for selling fashion face masks

by Zenaida Flood (2020-05-08)

Online retailer Boohoo has come under fire after a keyworker slammed their new fashion face mask range. 

The range, available on the Boohoo website and extending to the Boohoo Man line, consists of black 'fashion' face masks emblazoned with the words  'eat, sleep, isolate, repeat'. 

Speaking to the Sun, an outraged NHS nurse, who wished to remain anonymous, said the £5 masks were a 'mockery' of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

A disclaimer on the retailer's site reads: 'This mask is for accessory purposes only and should not be used as personal protective equipment.'

Online, some customers claimed they would not be buying from Boohoo anymore after spotting the masks. 

Femail has contacted Boohoo for comment.  

Online retailer Boohoo landed itself in hot water after keyworkers slammed their new fashion face masks range, saying it made a mockery of PPE needs for NHS staff (pictured: one of the masks as seen on the Boohoo website) 

The £5 masks, which Boohoo admits should not be used to shield oneself from the coronavirus, also extend to the Boohoo Man line (pictured)

Customers slammed the brand online, saying they would not be shopping with Boohoo anymore

'Boohoo are selling useless 'PPE' fashion masks that are of no use to the public and are using their greed to make a mockery of people on the frontline,' the nurse told the paper. 

'I, myself am a frontline nurse and find it appalling that they feel the need to make PPE into a fashion statement when we are struggling with the provision of this in the hospitals. Disgusting,' she added. 






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She also explained she wrote a complaint addressed to Boohoo on Instagram, where she asked them to take the masks down. 

She said she was disappointed to see the brand capitalising on the coronavirus pandemic and turning PPE equipment, which is badly needed by keyworkers, into a fashion stunt.  

On their website, the retailer admit that the face masks 'should not be used s personal protection equipment'

A nurse said the 'fashion accessory' was disappointing at a time where keyworkers were struggling to receive the very badly needed masks

'Maybe, instead of making a mockery of everyone on the frontline and those that are vulnerable and actually need masks to protect ourselves, you should be helping to distribute proper PPE that we are very much struggling to be provided with,' her complaint read.  

The black masks retail at £5 on the brand's website. 

All masks display a message relating to the lockdown, which started on March 23 in the UK, such as 'Quarantine Queen,' 'Stay home, save lives' and 'Eat, sleep, isolate, repeat.'

Pictured: Several masks are being sold on the Boohoo website, some reading 'stay home, save lives' and 'Eat, sleep, isolate, repeat'

Men version are adorned with skulls can also be purchase on Boohoo Man, which did not impressed keyworkers

Colourful versions for men, some adorned with skulls, are available through Boohoo man.

The criticism extended online when disgruntled fans of the brand spotted the masks and vowed not to shop with them again.  

'This place is tacky, the clothes are of a low quality and now they do this. They don't really help themselves,' one wrote. 

'Was just about to spend £88 on Boohoo, then I just saw they're marketing 'fashion' face masks as a fucking accessory! This is in VERY poor taste and so I've decided boohoo will not get any money from me today. Actually shameful,' said another. 

One online user said the brand was not 'help[ing] themselves with the ill-advised fake masks stunt 



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