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Private one-on-one fitness and yoga classes: 40% off

by Kelly Linton (2020-05-07)

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Livekick pairs you with a personal trainer for live, one-on-one fitness or yoga sessions.


My body needs yoga; my brain has a hard time with it. The handful of classes I've taken proved frustrating because I didn't know what I was doing and couldn't pause to ask questions or get assistance. (It's all but impossible to do downward-dog and look around to see if you're doing it right.) I've tried some streaming-video yoga classes, but even the so-called beginner ones assumed way too much knowledge on my part and moved too fast for my liking.

Thus I was eager to try Livekick, which pairs you with a personal trainer for 30-minute fitness or yoga sessions. These are live, one-on-one, private classes conducted via webcam, phone or tablet. So not only can I do them from just about anywhere, I can set up a schedule that works for me, rather than trying to shoehorn into a studio schedule. Best of all, if I need help doing (or just understanding) a pose, I can get it!

Intrigued? For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get 40% off any Livekick membership for the first two months. That's after applying promo code CNET40X2 during sign-up. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

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I recommend starting with the Rise plan, which includes a two-week free trial and one weekly session. After that trial, the service costs $32 per week -- though you'll pay only $19.20 per week for the first two months. In case you're curious, a real-world private session with a personal trainer typically costs $25 to $50 for 30 minutes.

I tested Livekick using an iPad, wireless earbuds and the service's iOS app. (Android and webcam users will use a browser.) If you're connecting via a phone or tablet (I highly recommend the latter for its larger screen), you'll need some kind of stand. Remember, this is a two-way live video session: Think Skype or FaceTime, but with exercise.

Actually, the best setup might be a laptop plugged into a TV, because I found that even with my 10-inch tablet, I had a hard time seeing the trainer, as I needed to position myself far enough away that she could see me doing my poses.

After you choose an instructor, you set up your first session, which starts with a brief discuss-your-goals chat. I'll admit I found the experience a little weird at first. You're meeting a total stranger over video, then jumping right into a workout (or, in my case, yoga session). My first instructor was great, although she was based halfway around the world, and the audio-video quality wasn't superb. She spent probably 45 minutes with me, and it was nice to be able to pause and ask questions.

The whole idea of Livekick is to build up a relationship with your trainer so he/she can work with you toward achieving your goals. But you can switch trainers if you want, and I did so for my second session, if only to find someone US-based for sake of connectivity. (Sure enough, no audio-video issues this time.) This is also great because if you don't particularly like the trainer you've chosen, you can "break up" with him or her without the usual in-person awkwardness.

If you're like me and have any number of challenges with fitness -- finding a time that works, getting personalized assistance and so on -- Livekick is definitely worth a look.

Bonus deal: Amazon's Fire Tablets are on sale again, starting at $29.99
I'm repeating myself, here, because I just said the very same thing regarding an Amazon Echo Show 5 deal: Never pay full price for Amazon gear, because they go on sale every month or two.


Indeed, Amazon Prime subscribers can get the all-new Fire 7 tablet (16GB) for $29.99, a price that rivals Prime Day, Black Friday and countless other sale events. It's available in your choice of colors -- and the latest hues are much more muted than the day-glo versions that preceded them.

See it at Amazon

Also on sale: The Fire HD 8 (16GB) for $49.99. For now, the Fire HD 10 remains at its regular $149.99 price -- but I assure you it'll drop to $99.99 again at some point.

Read CNET's Fire 7 tablet review and Fire HD 8 review to learn more. The former got a minor update earlier this year; the latter is still a 2018 model, though it's possible we'll see a refresh later this month as part of Amazon's "devices and services" event.

Bonus deal: This black Bluetooth brick speaker is a steal at $17
Here's a rerun from a couple weeks back, but with an even lower price (by a whole dollar!).


I don't know how a $17 Bluetooth speaker can be anything but junk, but Anker once again achieves the seemingly impossible with the Soundcore Motion B (which is very similar to the Soundcore 2, but with a fully waterproof design rather than just water-resistant). It sells for as high as $37, but it's currently on sale for just $16.99.

See it at Amazon

The Motion B is a 12-watt speaker that's IPX7-rated, meaning it can survive a full dunk into water, not just splashes. It can play for up to 12 hours on a charge, and it can be paired with a second speaker for true stereo sound.

User reviews tell the important story about this speaker: It averages 4.6 stars out of 5 from over 900 buyers. Anker backs it with an impressive 18-month warranty. What's not to like?

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