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Boost Your Bottom Line - How an Online Newspaper Maker Can Open Doors For Your Publishing House

by Rusty Bugden (2020-05-03)

Are you thinking of transitioning your print newspaper to a digitized newspaper? You're on the right track if you are interested in increasing your profitability (among a host of other benefits).

Digitalization of your publication will benefit your bottom line by opening doors to new forms of monetization. This is in addition to saving money by reducing printing costs.

Let's take a look behind those doors, so you can see how online newspaper maker can help take your publishing house to new levels of expansion.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Once you digitalize your newspaper, you'll have access to multiple revenue streams. You'll still have your paid subscription base, of course. But you'll also have three types of ad spaces - at the page level, article level and article genre level - to generate more money.

Money Saving Solution

Spending a lot of money on printing, shipping logistics and delivery will be a thing of the past. All three of those costs are gone, once you make the switch to online newspaper maker. You can also link to your other resources, products or services in your online newspaper, thereby eliminating advertising expense. Instead, you can do it in your own online publication, for free.

Increase Circulation

By using online newspaper maker, you'll be able to broaden your subscription base and increase your circulation by reaching international customers across the globe. No longer will you be stymied by shipping and delivery logistics.

As you can see, transforming your print newspaper into a multi-faceted and versatile online publishing platform will take your publication to new levels that were previously not possible.

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